Please note before returning the ThinPrint Hub

Before returning the ThinPrint Hub, please check carefully to see if there actually is an error with the hardware. We recommend the following steps:

– Check all cables and connections. When restarting the ThinPrint Hub also check if the ThinPrint Hub lights are flashing.

– Download the latest version of the ThinPrint Hub Finder and run a search directly after restarting the ThinPrint Hub.

– In case the ThinPrint Hub still cannot be found, reset the device configuration to default. Instructions to do so can be viewed here. Run a new search with the ThinPrint Hub Finder after restarting.

Please note: Should the returned ThinPrint Hub not found to be defective, you will incur shipping costs and a possible processing fee in accordance with our general terms and conditions applicable to the ThinPrint Hub.

Return the ThinPrint Hub

Have you followed our recommended steps above and your ThinPrint Hub is still not working? Then please fill out the fields below to return the defective device to us.

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